Event Archive

Event Archive

A collection of notable past events from the President's Office.

In November 2023, Yellow Breeches Television (YBTV) broadcasted a Presidential Town Hall. President Phipps was interviwed by broadcasting and media production major Josh McCleaf ('24) about her career journey, her role at Messiah and advice for students. In addition to the interview, there were several other segments that included a tour of Orchard Hill by Rosie Schiano ('25), an overview of President Phipps's time at Messiah by Keli Ganey ('24) and a feature by Jessica Fannin ('26) on the presidential dog, Larry Phipps.

You can watch a recording of the broadcast on the YBTV YouTube channel.


On April 3, 2019, President Phipps and Residence Director Caleb Miller swapped jobs for the day. "President" Miller held meetings with members of the President's Cabinet, spoke with students and faculty during an Open Door Day, and hosted guests for a dessert reception at Orchard Hill. In the meantime, "pResident Director" Kim Phipps met with Residence Life staff, held a dinner for the Resident Assistants in Fry Apartments and Miller Residence Hall, and hosted residents from Fry and Miller for a dessert reception. Students, faculty, staff, and alumni enjoyed seeing photos from "#PrezSwap" on social media throughout the day. The event served as a fun activity during a challenging part of the spring semester, but furthermore, it provided a glimpse into the role that each employee plays in furthering the mission of Messiah College.

Prez Swap

While it may have started as a lighthearted idea to bring levity to the spring semester, yesterday’s “Big Switch” resulted in a day of incredible learning and even deeper appreciation for our Residence Life professionals and their student staff teams and their integral role in every student’s Messiah experience. I’m humbled by their intentional mentoring and commitment to connecting with students in meaningful ways. These men and women exemplify servant leadership.

I’m very grateful to the Messiah College community for embracing this fun day of “trading places” and I return to my desk today with a renewed appreciation for the important mission of educating men and women toward maturity of character, intellect, and Christian faith.

- President Phipps

In conjunction with the 2018-19 academic year theme of Promoting the Common Good, the Office of the President held a series of evening chapels with various speakers both in and outside of Messiah College. The topics included:

  • Working for the Common Good: Individual Fulfillment and Social Well-Being  |  Andrew Babyak

  • Vocation, Cross-Cultural Reconciliation, and the Common Good  |  Jan Dormer

  • Understanding Our Civil Rights Past, Shaping Our Shared Future  |  Todd Allen

  • Cultivating Interfaith Literacy: Crucial for the Common Good  |  George Pickens

  • How Colleges and Universities Can Build Peace and Development | Margee Ensign

In 2015, President Phipps participated with other Messiah College colleagues in the 'Returning to the Roots of the Civil Rights Movement' journey. Each year the College sponsors a team of employees to participate in the journey as part of our diversity training and education. The 2015 tour coincided with the horrific shooting which occurred in the Mother Emanuel AME church in Charleston, South Carolina - a painful reminder of the deep wounds of racism in American society. The Messiah team returned from the tour with a renewed passion for the work of reconciliation (one of Messiah College's three missional outcomes).

Bus Tour group

In 2009-2010, Messiah College celebrated its centennial with various events throughout the academic year. These events included art exhibits, special speakers and lectures, a "centennial ball" for students and a gala to celebrate 100 years of Messiah College.



In the spring of 2008, Messiah College hosted The Compassion Forum, a bipartisan forum for presidential candidates to discuss pressing moral issues that bridge the ideological divides within the United States. The forum was broadcasted live on CNN, and featured presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton.

             Messiah President with The President            Compassion forum