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Alumni - Department of Computing, Mathematics and Physics

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Our Alumni

Welcome to the alumni page! Learn about the many opportunities and career paths available to our majors through the stories of some of our alumni.  We have arranged this list by employment sectors, which can be viewed on the left-hand menu. You can also see a breakdown of what our alumni are doing in the charts below.

  • Barbara Adams ’91

    How accurate are sonar counts of fish passage rates into spawning grounds? The Alaskan Fish and Game Department wanted to know, and Dr. Barbara Adams ('91, Mathematics) used a mathematical model based on wave propagation theory to answer the question.

  • Jeffrey Morris -
    Jeffrey Morris ’93

    Dr. Jeffrey Morris ('93, Mathematics) is a professor at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX. In the article "Biostatistician Makes Waves" by Mary Brolley, Jeffrey is deemed a rock star among biostatisticians. His creation of a novel statistical method to capture and interpret biological data has made researchers all over the world take note.

  • John Chase-
    John Chase ’06

    My name is John Chase, and I'm a 2006 Math Ed graduate. I live in Rockville MD with my wife Kelly (Messiah '06) and my two daughters. I'm in my 10th year of teaching at Richard Montgomery High School and I love my job. Messiah prepared me well to be both a teacher and a mathematician, and helped provide a framework for understanding my career in light of my Christian faith.

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  • Katrina Schrock-
    Katrina Schrock ’16 Katrina Schrock is in the Physics PhD Program at University of Iowa

    A little bit of everything

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  • Kevin Langdon ’01 Computer Science

    During his first year at Messiah, Kevin Langdon ’01 hit the ground running. In addition to his studies, he developed online calendaring software for nonprofit organizations. And he didn’t stop there.

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  • Kyele Bridel-
    Kyele Bridel ’16 From USAF to U.S. soccer team

    Alum in Air Force competes in women's championship tournament

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  • Matt Bressler-
    Matt Bressler ’16 Matt Bressler searches for Dark Matter

    Physics is deep

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  • Pamela Kirkpatrick -
    Pamela Kirkpatrick ’13

    During her time at Messiah, Pamela Kirkpatrick ‘13 pursued a degree in mathematics with teaching certification. Like many other math students, she engaged in various activities of The Collaboratory for Strategic Partnerships and Applied Research, a center for service, scholarship, and project-based learning at Messiah. This opportunity assisted Kirkpatrick to grow in character which served her career well.

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  • Ryan Mayer-
    Ryan Mayer ’15 Alum applies skill sets gained from Messiah to his occupation

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  • Sheba Samuel-
    Sheba Samuel ’13 Sheba Samuel is a full-time teacher

    From physics lab work-study to full-time teacher.

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  • Steve Sylvester ’09 Steve Sylvester might be a self-proclaimed “nerd” but to most who know him, including the Department of Defense (DoD), that’s a good thing.

    Sylvester, a lifelong gamer who enjoys making costumes of video game characters to wear at conventions, has a natural affinity for software development, animation, and computer programming—the latter catching the attention of Sycamore.US, Inc.—a federal contractor for the United States government specializing in network security and satellite technology.

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