Mission and Goals

Mission of the Department of Psychology

The mission of the Messiah University Department of Psychology is to educate its students in the theoretical, empirical, and applied areas of psychology on a foundation that is informed and shaped by the Christian faith. Our graduates will be prepared for graduate school or the work force, equipped to fulfill their vocations as persons of character, intellect, and Christian faith.

Goals of the Department of Psychology

In order to achieve its mission, the Department of Psychology has adopted the following goals to help students:

  • Understand the foundational content and conceptual/theoretical assumptions of psychology.
  • Understand the research process, including finding, analyzing and integrating previous research, as well as designing and executing original research.
  • Gain awareness of available practica, internships, entry level employment, and graduate level career opportunities in psychology related fields.
  • Understand the application of the APA Ethics Code.
  • Understand the cultural forces that shape peoples' lives, including the powerful role of faith.