Degree Works Audit ADP

Degree Works Audit

The Ellucian Degree Works™ Audit is used internally as a means of communicating degree requirements between the student, their Advisor (academic department) and the Registrar's Office. This online tool should be accessed on a regular basis to ensure that students are on track for graduation.

The following instructions are available to faculty and students to better understand Degree Works:

Advising Tips Video for Undergraduate Advisors

Degree Works Audit Video for Undergraduate Students

• Displays most up-to-date curriculum requirements according to academic year
• Advising tool for registration planning and tracking degree requirements
• Registration Checklist view for unfulfilled major and QuEST General Education requirements
• "What If audit" functionality to assist in planning for change of major/minor
• GPA calculator


  1. Login to FalconLink.
  2. Search for Degreeworks (Student) card.
  3. Login to Self-Service Banner and access the Student Records Menu.
  4. Click Degree Evaluation (Degree Works)


  1. Login to FalconLink.
  2. Search  for Degreeworks (Faculty) card.
  3. Login to Self-Service Banner and select the appropriate term.
  4. Enter student ID or search using advanced features (Submit)
  5. Academic Advisors:  To access a drop-down list of advisee degree audits, click on the radio button next to "Advisees" and click Submit.
  6. Department Chairs/Deans: To access degree audits for all students within your designated area, click on the drop-down menu for Advisor/Instructor and select the corresponding Department/School. Then click on the radio button next to "All" and click Submit.

First click on "Process New." This will cause Degree Works to recalculate the audit using any course information that has been added or changed since the last calculation (e.g. added transfer credit, schedule changes, programming updates, etc.).

The "What If" audit is a helpful feature for students who are considering a change of major.

  1. Click “What If” on the far left of the audit under Worksheets
  2. Select the Degree associated with the major that is being changed (if different from the existing degree).
  3. Select the Academic Year (current year).
  4. Select a Program if applicable.
  5. Select the Major that the student intends to declare.
  6. Select a concentration if applicable.
  7. Confirm the Chosen Areas of Study in the population box and click “Process What If”.
  8. Click Worksheets to resume normal view of degree audit.

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