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Middle States Accreditation Self-Study

Middle States Accreditation Self-Study

Messiah University Middle States Accreditation Self-Study

In preparation for our accreditation review by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, Messiah University is conducting a self-study process. The self-study is a critical and required component of the accreditation process.

The self-study process gives us an opportunity to reflect on what we do and ensures that we regularly assess and document the effectiveness of our work.  Each working group is responsible for gathering the evidence that shows how we meet the criteria for the assigned accreditation standard(s), identifying any gaps in evidence and writing a summative report.

Transparency and the inclusion of the campus community's input into the self-study are important to Messiah's accreditation process. The University will use this website to publicly document its self-study process and to invite campus feedback. Please use the link provided at left to submit questions or input to Messiah's Self-Study Steering Committee. 

The Steering Committee will oversee and coordinate the self-study process.


  • Alison Noble, Associate Provost (co-chair)
  • Laura Miller, Director of Institutional Research (co-chair)
  • Randy Basinger, Provost
  • Dan Custer, Research Analyst
  • Henry Danso, Professor of Psychology
  • Susan Donat, Director of Curriculum and Assistant Director of Assessment (Accreditation Liaison Officer)
  • Carla Gross, Associate Vice President of Marketing and Communications/Special Assistant to the President
  • Kris Hansen-Kieffer, Vice Provost for Student Success and Engagement
  • Jeff Moshier, Special Assistant to the President and Provost for Program Development
  • Kate Oswald Wilkins, Asssistant Dean of General Education and Common Learning
  • Linda Poston, Director of the Murray Library
  • Pete Powers, Dean of the School of Arts, Culture and Society
  • Roseann Sachs, Professor of Chemistry