Working Groups

Working Groups

Messiah University has established eight working groups to address Standards I through VII, the evidence inventory and the verification of compliance. The Steering Committee identified individuals for each working group based on the criteria associated with the evaluation of the standard, the individual’s job role and expertise, as well as representation among employee groups. To ensure transparency, Associate Vice President of Marketing and Communications Carla Gross is also providing communication support throughout the entirety of the self-study process.

Read the Working Groups' Charge (PDF)

Visit the Middle States website to read the Standards of Accreditation and Requirements of Affiliation 

Messiah University Working Groups and Membership

Pete Powers, Dean of the School of Arts, Culture and Society (co-chair)

Jeff Moshier, Special Assistant to the President and Provost for Program Development (co-chair)

Todd Allen, Vice President for Diversity Affairs

Inger Blount, Director of Human Resources

Dana Britton, Director of Admissions

Tina Keller, Associate Professor of TESOL Education

Jesse Kleingardner, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry

Rob Pepper, Assistant Provost/Dean of the School of Graduate and Professional Studies

Shelly Skinner, Associate Professor of Christian Ministries

Doug Wood, Associate Dean of Students

Roseann Sachs, Professor of Chemistry (co-chair)

Dottie Weigel, Director, Graduate Program in Higher Education (co-chair)

Kim Fenstermacher, Assistant Dean of Nursing

Jenn Fisler, Director of Graduate Program in Education, Assistant Dean of Teacher Education

Christy Hanson, Dean of Experiential Learning

Emerson Powery, Professor of Biblical Studies

Katie Rousopoulos, Director of Agape Center for Local and Global Engagement

Beth Transue, Information Literacy Librarian

Tim Van Dyke, Associate Professor of Engineering

Kris Hansen-Kieffer, Vice Provost for Student Success and Engagement (co-chair)

John Chopka, Vice President for Enrollment Management (co-chair)

Jocelyn Clippinger, Director of Student Success

Greg Gearhart, Director of Financial Aid

Julie Gomboc-Hellam, Director of Graduate and Adult Student Services & Compliance/Assistant Professor of Education

JR Harris, Director of Student Financial Services

Jodi Noble, Senior Lecturer in Chemistry

Gladys Robalino, Associate Professor of Spanish, Director of Advising, Director of the Center for Public Humanities

Kevin Villegas, Dean of Students and Christian Spiritual Formation

Carrie Widdowson, Registrar

Kate Oswald Wilkins, Asst. Dean of General Education and Common Learning (co-chair), Director of Assessment

Henry Danso, Professor of Psychology (co-chair)

Kathee Clark, Associate Registrar

Leah Clarke, Associate Professor of Counseling, Assistant Director of Faculty Development for Teaching and Learning

David Hazen, Associate Professor of Education

George Pickens, Professor of Theology and Mission

Devi Suberi, Assistant Professor of Computing, Mathematics and Physics

Jennifer Thomson, Associate Professor of Biopsychology

Bryce Watkins, Assistant Director of Housing

Travis Weller, Assistant Professor of Music

Laura Miller, Director of Institutional Research (co-chair)

David Walker, Vice President for Finance and Planning (co-chair)

Amanda Coffey, Vice President for Human Resources and Compliance

Angela Hare, Dean of the School of Science, Engineering and Health

Obed Mfum-Mensah, Professor of Education

Dwayne Safer, Assistant Professor of Finance

Kathie Shafer, Vice President for Operations

Susan Shannon, Director, Educational Technology Services

Tony Wyland, Executive Director of Administrative Technology Services

Randy Basinger, Provost (co-chair)

Alison Noble, Associate Provost, Professor of Chemistry (co-chair)

JP Edmunds, Assistant Director of Student Engagement

Gina Hale, Coordinator of Agape Center

Matt Jenkins, SGA Student Body President

Valerie Lemmon, Professor of Psychology

Kristin Thomas, Director of Admissions Hospitality

David Weaver-Zercher, Professor of American Religious History

Tovah Wilson, Human Resources Coordinator

Linda Poston, Director of the Murray Library (co-chair)

Dan Custer, Research Analyst (co-chair)

Sarah Myers, Public Services Librarian

Susan Donat, Director of Curriculum and Assistant Director of Assessment (ALO) (chair)

Amanda Coffey, Vice President for Human Resources and Compliance

Hannah McBride, Coordinator for Interpersonal Violence Prevention and Education

Jeff Moshier, Special Assistant to the President and Provost for Program Development

Carrie Widdowson, Registrar