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News published February 2017

  • Got stress? A dog can help!

    Published February 28th, 2017 dog in grass

    Pets have been known to be good sources of health benefits and have a positive psychological effect on humans.

  • Announcing the 2017 Annual Schrag/Peace Lectures

    Published February 27th, 2017 Hostetter Chapel on a sunny day.

    The Sider Institute for Anabaptist, Pietist and Wesleyan Studies, in partnership with Messiah College’s Peace and Conflict Studies program, is pleased to announce its annual Schrag Lectures on March 27-28 at Messiah College.

  • Messiah's accounting program named #1 in PA, #10 in the U.S.

    Published February 23rd, 2017 Image of computer, phone and paperwork

    Messiah's accounting program receives accolades as students surpass the CPA exam average pass rate.

  • What the Oscars Teach about Effective Communication

    Published February 22nd, 2017 Oscars film strip

    Imagine being backstage at the Oscars. An eager journalist asks the new Best Actress Award winner how she pulled off such a convincing performance, leading the actress to reply, "I followed the advice of my friends and family to 'just be yourself.'"

  • Professor of Art and Drawing creates mural for Borough of Lemoyne

    Published February 16th, 2017 Lemoyne borough mural

    Daniel Finch, professor of art and drawing, works with students and volunteers to create a 443-foot mural scheduled to be installed this August by the Interstate 83 South exit ramp in Lemoyne.

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