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News published December 2020

  • Messiah University student goes viral learning first hand the value of his marketing classes

    Published December 16th, 2020 A shadow of a hand holding a phone with the Tik Tok logo on the screen.

    I was sitting in my Economics class when my phone went off and, like any nineteen-year-old, my attention quickly shifted from the supply and demand graphs we were discussing to an Instagram notification. I was shocked to see a message request from Bleacher Report. The popular sports site was asking to repost a video I shared a day earlier on TikTok of me throwing a football over my house and running around to the other side and catching it. The original video was up to about 60K views at the time, which I considered excellent, but that was only the beginning.

  • From Classroom to Career: Navigating the Possibilities of Public Relations

    Published December 14th, 2020 Colorful post it notes spell out "public relations" with a megaphone drawn on one.

    If Messiah University’s public relations students and alumni agree on one thing, it’s that the professionals and opportunities within the realm of public relations stand unrivaled. The skills that public relations students acquire in the classroom quickly make their way into real-life application through on-campus organizations, work study positions, internships and eventually long-term careers. By investing in experiences during their time at Messiah, students majoring in public relations create for themselves a vast array of post-graduation opportunities.

  • “How fun would it be to work at the most magical place on earth?”

    Published December 9th, 2020 Leah pendorf head shot

    What began as a leap of faith soon turned into a long-lasting career for 2011 Messiah University alumna Leah Pendorf.

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