The Year of Reconciliation

The Year of Reconciliation at Messiah University

Reconciliation is a journey

Reconciliation is a journey of listening, lamenting and allowing our hearts and minds to connect with people’s stories of pain, marginalization and injustice. As Christ’s ambassadors and ministers of reconciliation, we seek transformative action that repairs and restores relationships and systems that are broken.

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“Reconciliation is a process that requires humility and perseverance as we pursue a vision of hope and transformation that will last far beyond this academic year.”

—Kim S. Phipps, Messiah University President

About the logo

The icon in the logo is similar to the Mpatapo symbol for reconciliation. Dr. Obed Mfum-Mensah offers, “Mpata means to pacify, reconcile and make peace. And ‘po’ means knot. The Akans (living in Ghana and on the Ivory Coast) use the word in a symbolic way to promote peace, reconciliation and pacification.”

The bond or knot signified in the icon reminds us that opposing parties can discover a peaceful, harmonious reconciliation to conflict if they engage a process of listening to one another, apologizing, offering forgiveness and seeking healing.

The circular elements of the icon represent the connections to all people.

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