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An important next step

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“Messiah College becoming Messiah University is an important and natural next step in the growth and maturation of our institution. In many ways, university status is a much more accurate reflection of how Messiah has functioned for several years now. With our comprehensive offering of undergraduate and graduate programs in both the liberal arts and applied sciences—including our expansion to master’s and doctoral programs—Messiah’s educational profile is already well-positioned with the academic distinction of a nationally recognized, private Christian university.”

--Kim S. Phipps, Ph.D., President of Messiah University

Our continuing commitments

Messiah has undergone remarkable changes in our 111-year history, and our future as Messiah University holds even more promise and opportunity. But key aspects of Messiah have—and always will—remain the same, including our commitment to these enduring hallmarks of a Messiah education:

Why become Messiah University?

Our students and alumni share that transformation is a trademark of a Messiah education. So it’s understandable that, as a college, we’d decide to pursue our own developmental journey. Several commitments we’re already pursuing helped compel Messiah to embrace its new university name and status:

Happy graduates

Creating academic expansion & innovation

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Cultivating learning for life

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Growing global opportunity

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Inspiring scholarship, research & engagement

University Q&A

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! View some of the frequent questions we’ve answered on our path to becoming Messiah University.

Frequently asked questions

Outline of Messiah University campus

See Messiah anew section

At Messiah, your life, your faith, your world and your possibilities open up. You see anew. That transformational brand promise remains true for students at Messiah University. But we have a fresh new look to our logo, our see anew tag line, our stained glass metaphor, our ligatures—and all of the other distinctives you see in Messiah’s communications.

To learn more about our new logo and to download the official logo files, please visit

Watch for our redesigned Messiah University visual identity and brand website on Aug. 1, 2020!

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Our new logo represents a connection to our past and the momentum of our future.

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See anew tagline

See anew tagline

At Messiah University, your life, your faith, your world and your possibilities open up. You see anew.



To strengthen the transformational meaning of the ligatures, we added gradients and a stained glass element to represent the fusing of ideas and connect to our metaphor.

Color palette

Color palette

Retaining Messiah blue and white as our primary colors, we added a light blue and a gray as secondary colors. We expanded our palette to also include a brighter tertiary color palette to strengthen our vibrant stained glass window theme.

stained glass metaphor

Stained glass metaphor

At Messiah, each student brings a valuable perspective that is celebrated, appreciated and allowed to remain distinct. In the grace of our shared love of Christ, and in our worship, study and service, we combine our individual contributions into a community that is more beautiful together--like a strong and vibrant stained glass window.



We retained our sans serif font and upgraded our serif font to a more modern slab serif.