Online forms: Web Services Contact Form

Web Services Office Contact Form

Thank you for contacting Web Services. We're happy to help you!

Please use this form to request the following: 

  • Initiate a new project
    • This request is an all encompasting starting point for any large scale project including but not limited to creating a new landing page, creating a new new sub-site on the domain, or marking large scale updates to an exisiting sub-site on
  • Make small changes to an existing site or page (Example: Update an address, typo, image, etc.)
  • Change, add, or remove links from the left navigation
  • Request a new banner image
  • Request a friendly URL 
  • Create or update an online form with xForms
  • Request edit access to a site or page 
  • Request a photo gallery 
  • Report a Jadu issue
  • Make an update to your WordPress site
  • Other

Remember, the more details you provide in your request, the more promptly your request can be completed.

If you have questions about this form, please contact the Web Help Desk at extension 7041.