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Oakes Museum

Oakes Museum

The Oakes Museum of Natural History 

The Oakes Museum of Natural History is a unique museum experience for the family, classroom, or group featuring more than 40,000 specimens. 

The 10,000-square foot museum is home to a collection of Smithsonian quality African and North American mammals, birds, eggs, fish, seashells, minerals, insects, and fossils.

"You run a top notch program.  I have been recommending it to other parents & friends.  Your staff people are very professional and well spoken. We will be Curator & Scout patrons for as long as you run the programs. Kudos to you all!"


Messiah University requires students, employees or visitors—regardless of vaccination status—to wear masks when inside buildings on campus.  All Oakes Museum visitors must mask to protect their own health and that of the Messiah community.

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