Art Education Bachelor's Degree (B.S.)

Art Education Bachelor's Degree (B.S.)

Art Education at Messiah College

While earning an accredited Bachelor Degree (B.S.) in art education, you will create and explore art in a 21st century context, and experience hands-on classroom experience before graduation.

As an art education major at Messiah College, one of the top private Christian colleges in the U.S., you have the distinct opportunity to become an artist educator--studying two critical subjects that comprise the degree: education and studio art.

Art education major distinctives
Career options for art education majors
Internship and teaching opportunities for art education majors

Program emphasis- education and studio art

Messiah College's art education degree program combines studio art and art education to prepare well-rounded artists and art educators. Art education majors are fully trained as artists and are required to take the same number of studio courses (one is optional) as studio art majors. Through choosing a concentration in graphic design and digital art, three-dimensional or two-dimensional studies, you develop ideas and skills necessary for work as a professional artist.

In addition to training in studio art, this program is also considered the professional degree for teaching art. Upon completing your art education degree, you're certified to teach art in both elementary and secondary levels in public or private settings in Pennsylvania and beyond.

As a student here, you’ll thrive in a highly rewarding, yet demanding environment—one that also integrates faithful stewardship of your creative gifts by encouraging and supporting you to explore the artistic process as well as deepening your own ways of responding to works of art.  

Preparation and hands-on learning

As an art education major, you'll get plenty of hands-on learning experience throughout the degree program. You'll not only complete required teaching experiences in elementary, middle and high schools, but you'll also have the opportunity to get involved with regional museums or galleries, assisting with their community arts programs. And each fall, you will prepare and teach Saturday morning art classes for children from nearby school districts.

Proven results

When you finish your art education degree, you’ll see the positive results of all your hard work: our students maintain a 100 percent pass rate on the subject-specific Praxis II examination. And, 100 percent of our graduates of state-certified teachers--most obtain full-time teaching jobs.