Exploring the Connection Between Servant Leadership and Spirituality

Exploring the Connection Between Servant Leadership and Spirituality

  • Date: April 4th, 2024
  • Location: Zoom Meeting
  • Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm
  • Cost: Free of Charge

The Bridge Center at Messiah University is hosting 8 educational courses for entry and mid-level Long-term care leaders. Each course will focus on a unique aspect of spirituality and will encourage Long-term care leaders in their personal journeys as well as provide tools to support their co-workers and team members. Courses can be completed as standalone events; or participants can earn a Certificate of Completion if they complete the “4 Core Courses” and 2 of the Elective Courses.

This is a Core Course.    Registration Link   (Please note that the registration system was down for a bit on April 4. It is currently working, so please try again if you could not get through earlier today.)

Research suggests that servant leadership and spirituality reinforce one another. As leaders grow spiritually, they begin to exhibit servant leadership characteristics and as leaders practice servant leadership they evolve spiritually. This course will seek to explain this relationship and demonstrate how servant leadership can contribute to employees’ spiritual growth and holistic growth.

Presenter Bio: Rob Pepper, PhD, has served at Messiah University since 1993 and currently serves as the executive director and assistant to the president for innovation and university partnerships. He teaches courses in strategic leadership. He was instrumental in developing Messiah University's graduate programs as well as its leadership development model. Before holding his current position, he was Assistant Provost for Graduate Programs and previously held several roles in student affairs including career development, leadership development and athletic coaching. He enjoys serving as a consultant for several nonprofit organizations as well as leadership and career coach.