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Health and Physical Education Degree (B.A.)

Health and Physical Education Degree (B.A.)

Health and Physical Education at Messiah College

Experience a broad-based health and physical education training program at Messiah College, a nationally recognized Christian college.

With health and physical fitness becoming a major focus of health care across the U.S., there has never been a more important time to consider a major in health and physical education. Messiah’s bachelor’s degree in health and physical education will prepare you to complete the state requirements needed to take the exam that certifies you to teach health and physical education for grades K-12 in Pennsylvania.

As a health and physical education major at Messiah, you will learn how physical activity affects mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Participation in a variety of cooperative and/or competitive experiences will deepen your understanding about the appropriate stewardship of the physical body and the value of healthful behavior for daily living. Training for the health and physical education major, both in and outside of the classroom, includes access to the proven faculty, coaching staff and facilities of Messiah’s championship-winning NCAA Division III athletics program.

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