General Education

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QuEST is only for students enrolled prior to Fall 2024. If you are a student who enrolled with Messiah AFTER the Fall of 2024 - please refer to the new General Education website and General Education guide. Thanks! 

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Sharpen Intellect

Deepen Christian Faith

Inspire Action

QuEST, Messiah University's general education program, encourages the development of knowledge, skills, and attitudes of intellect, character, and faith that Christians use in lives of service, leadership and reconciliation.

QuEST, Messiah University's general education program, serves as a curricular progression through which students develop skills, abilities and perspectives necessary to become collaborative agents in the contemporary workforce and society. This progression is intended to complement and parallel the academic majors in a way which allows students to respond with maturity to the world's complexities by raising important questions, exposing students to multiple perspectives and ways of knowing (i.e. arts, humanities, natural sciences, social sciences).  In doing so, our curriculum encourages critical thinking and the application of knowledge from diverse disciplines, informed by faith and a sense of purpose, to relevant issues which shape our lives.