Digital Humanities

Messiah University Digital Humanities

The Digital Humanities at Messiah University allow you to combine new media with the study and interpretation of the humanities in a range of public projects. In the digital public humanities, you will engage the terrain of faith and human culture as you produce, reflect on and shape ideas and experiences in the digital age. At Messiah you can minor in the Digital Public Humanities and be involved in a number of digital projects.

Digital Humanities Word Cloud

Combine humanities content

communication, journalism, literature, history, modern languages, Bible, religious studies, philosophy, politics, ethnic and area studies, peace and conflict studies, sustainability

with digital media

film and documentary, geographic information systems, databases, Omeka, blogs, websites, mobile applications

Connect a world of ideas, people, faith and human culture,
Create knowledge and understanding with community partners
Extend your education to digital, public and professional spheres.

Messiah University is a leading national voice among Christian colleges and universities exploring the intersection of digital media and humanity.

To find out more about opportunities in the digital humanities at Messiah University, visit the academic minor page for Digital Public Humanities and the Projects Page.

To get involved in Digital Humanities courses, initiatives, and programs at Messiah University, please contact the Coordinator of Digital Humanities (David Pettegrew) or the Coordinator of the Digital Media Major (Nathan Skulstad).