Qualtrics at Messiah University

Qualtrics at Messiah University

Qualtrics is one of the most respected names in survey and data collection. Messiah University has chosen Qualtrics as its official survey and research tool. If you’re not familiar with the product, take a tour of our site.



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Qualtrics is a survey software that allows users to “build all kinds of surveys, from simple forms to randomized studies.” Here at Messiah, we use the company’s foundational CoreXM product. The CoreXM is the basis of all Qualtrics built solutions and is at the heart of its XM (Experience Management) platform. The company offers additional modules to address Customer, Employee, Product, and Brand Experiences, but, the CoreXM powers them all.

Whether you are an experienced survey builder or a beginner, Qualtrics is for you. With just a bit of instruction, you can begin building your first survey in minutes.

Qualtrics is a data-gathering device and can be applied to just about any situation where you need to gather and analyze data. In addition, since it can build forms, it can be used for sign-ups, applications, evaluations, and many other situations where an electronic form can be used.

  • Qualtrics’ reporting capabilities allow you to download data in several formats, including CSV, SPSS, MSWord, PDF and others.
  • The Data & Analysis page contains your response data and lets you export all the data at once, or build custom downloads, called layouts, which you can save.
  • On the Reports page, you can extract pertinent information from your gathered data to build graphic visualizations using bar or pie charts, tables, data clouds, and more for use in PowerPoints or custom-built reports that can be emailed or posted to the web with real-time updates.
  • Qualtrics real-time updating also makes it easy to build and use in-classroom polling.
  • For researchers, Qualtrics’ Data & Analysis tab also provides text analysis, cross-tabs, and weighting features to help you structure your data for its greatest impact.

Whether for coursework or research, Qualtrics has a solution.

Anyone can begin using the product as soon as she or he has an established Messiah University account.

Links to training sites are provided on this page. Periodically, ITS will also offer training sessions. Those sessions will be announced and posted in the event section of this website.  If requested, individual or small group instruction can be made available.

To create an account, click here or on the Qualtrics card found in Falcon Link. You will be prompted on how to create the account.


Qualtrics Academic Support Portal
Support for ALL users of Qualtrics that lets you explore and retrieve information on all things Qualtrics, including training, support questions, plus a Qualtrics community of worldwide users that's free to join.

Want to go straight to the training? Experience either or both of these trainings that let you work at your own pace.

Qualtrics Experience Basecamp

  • Learn Qualtrics Research Core from the ground up using this on-demand video site.

Qualtrics Tutorial Website 

  • Learn Qualtrics Research Core using this visual tutorial that includes graphics and embedded links to related information.