Getting started

Starting out your web project.

Messiah’s website ( is made up of over 100 smaller sites that we call “sub-sites.” These sub-sites are owned and managed by various offices and departments around campus.

When you need to redesign, reorganize or create a new sub-site, it’s important to start the project off right by thinking strategically about the goals and strategy behind your web project. 

  • Do you have multiple audience groups (i.e. – current students, prospective student, alumni, etc)?
  • What are the primary tasks that visitors need to complete on your website (i.e. - fill out a form, find information, etc)?
  • How will your site be organized?
  • Will you need forms or other customized media?

Establishing these helps the Web Services team better serve our clients along with helping to define a scope of work for the project before it starts. 

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