Compost Recycling

The Messiah Grounds Services department recycles all grounds waste generated on campus.  All grass and plant clippings, sheared shrub clippings, leaves and old mulch are hauled to a secluded on-campus location and composted for future use on beds, athletic fields, new plantings and turf.  At any one time, we generally have a "dump" pile, a "cooking" pile and a "ready-to-use" pile which has been screened to remove trash, stones and any other undesirables. 

All wood from fallen or removed branches, shrubs and trees is chipped yearly by an outside vendor and used on trails and under trees and wooded areas around campus.

Recycling all campus grounds waste makes good sense and provides the campus with its own compost, top dress material and wood chips. If you have any questions concerning this program contact the Grounds Services Manager at 691-6011.