Faculty Resources

Writing Center tutors work in the tutor office.

Faculty Resources

The Writing Center offers many resources to support faculty teaching writing to students across and inside various disciplines. Below are some resources and suggestions that can assist faculty members teaching writing in any setting, from first-year seminar to a major-specific writing course. If you have any questions about how the Writing Center can support you and your students, email us at

Encourage Students to Come to the Writing Center

Writing Center appointments can be helpful to students at any stage of the writing process. If you are assigning any writing projects, consider encouraging your students to come to the Writing Center.

Please note that we are not equipped to help students with citations, resumes, or cover letters. For help with citations, please direct students to meet with the librarians at Murray Library. For assistance with resumes and cover letters, please direct them to the Career and Professional Development Center

Ask Students to Schedule Early

Our appointment slots tend to fill up quickly, especially around midterms and finals. If you are going to require your students to come to the Writing Center, we ask that you notify them as early as possible and encourage them to make their appointments in advance. Setting aside time in class for students to schedule appointments may be beneficial. 

Send Us Your Prompt

If you are requiring your students to come to the Writing Center for a specific paper, reviewing the prompt in advance would be helpful to our tutors. Please send a copy of your prompt to so we can familiarize ourselves with the requirements.

Encourage Students to Come with Goals

When your students come to the Writing Center, encourage them to come with goals for their sessions. Such goals could include but are not limited to creating an outline, writing a thesis, or improving clarity. 

Get Notified About Appointments

We let students decide whether or not they want their professors to be informed of visits to the Writing Center. If requested, your students' tutors will notify you via email to confirm students’ appointments. Such emails will contain faculty dialogue forms in which tutors will comment on any topics covered and progress made during appointments.

Show the Writing Center Video in Class

To help students learn more about the Writing Center, consider showing our informative 4-minute video in class. Click here to view our video on YouTube. The video covers how to schedule an appointment, what an appointment looks like, how students can prepare for their appointments, and more. 

Help Students Schedule Appointments

If students are having trouble when scheduling appointments, offer assistance or direct them to the Writing Center to help make the process smoother. Sometimes, setting aside time in class for students to schedule can be helpful. Click here for instructions that will help you assist students scheduling appointments.

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