Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

At the Writing Center, our goal is to help students become better writers. Our tutors work collaboratively with clients in one-on-one sessions to talk about their papers at any stage in the writing process. We focus first on higher-order concerns like organization and clarity, and then on lower-order concerns like grammar, punctuation, and spelling. We may not cover every concern in one session, but we encourage return visits, and we try to equip students with the tools they need to continue revising their papers on their own.

How Faculty Can Help Us

Our appointment slots tend to fill up quickly, especially around midterms and finals. If you are going to require your students to come to the Center, we ask that you please let them know early in the semester and encourage them to make their appointments in advance!

Additionally, if you are requiring students to come to the Center for a specific paper, it may be helpful to our tutors if you send a copy of the prompt to so we can familiarize ourselves with the requirements.

Discussing the Session

We let students decide whether or not they want their professors to be informed of visits to the Writing Center. If requested, the tutor will notify you via email to confirm students’ appointments. This email will contain a Faculty Dialogue Form in which the tutor will comment on any topics covered and progress made during the appointment.