Chemistry Resources

Useful Chemistry & Other Science Sites:

American Chemical Society

- professional society for chemists

CAS (Chemical Abstracts Services)

- chemistry's premier information source

Harry E. Pence, SUNY Oneonta

- useful search engines for chemistry, how to read research reports & much more

American Scientific Affiliation (ASA)

- society of scientists who are Christians


- American Association for the Advancement of Science

Journal of Chemical Education

- provides a list of internet sites that have passed a committee review

Chemical Information

NIST Chemistry WebBook

- thermodynamical & spectral data on a large number of compounds

Organic Chemistry Animations Chem Tube 3D

-interactive 3D animations of some of the most important organic reactions during an undergraduate chemistry degree

 CAS Science Spotlight

- a CAS site containing the most cited science research articles


- National Library of Medicine; chemical searches using names or structures as inputs

IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology

Molecular Images & Modeling


- computational package for the web