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Our Promise

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Our promise

In our culture you hear a lot of organizations talk about their brand. And institutions of higher learning are no exception. Today, students and their families have more options for higher education than ever before. As a result, colleges and universities work hard to stand out among the competition and communicate their brand to prospective students, parents, employees and other important audiences.


At Messiah, we define our brand as a promise, a commitment we make to you about what makes us different from other colleges and universities. In other words, What does a Messiah University education uniquely accomplish in the lives of our students? How do we do it? And for what greater purpose?

Our brand is our promise to you.


Our promise statement is rooted in research and input from our campus community and emphasizes the powerful outcomes of the Messiah University experience.

Messiah University brand promise

Messiah University is the globally connected, regionally engaged, academically excellent, Christ-centered college of liberal and applied arts and sciences that embraces the richness of different human perspectives through strong Christian conviction paired with serious academic inquiry.
Messiah University's biblically based Anabaptist, Pietist and Wesleyan traditions bear fruit in a gracious, courageous hospitality, gathering multiple voices into conversations that probe truth, challenge injustice, discern ethical practice, shape vocations, and transform lives.
Rooting rigorous academic and professional learning in the fertile ground of an intellectually vibrant Christian community, Messiah University offers students a carefully mentored, Christ-centered journey of the intellect and spirit informed by the lived experience and disciplined reflection of well-designed on-campus experiences, off-campus study, internships and community engagement.
Called to envision life through the prism of Christian discipleship, Messiah University students hone skill, thought and action to achieve fluency and fulfillment in the classroom, on the playing field and in the expressive arts.

Equipped with maturing professional insights, tested expertise and deepening self-awareness, Messiah University graduates direct their talents toward meaningful careers and redemptive lives, carrying a well-practiced spirit of reconciliation into our fractured world, building bridges of understanding and peace.