Transformed Lives


Would you choose Messiah again?

Nine out of ten current students and current parents said that they would choose Messiah again.

Three quarters of alumni (76%) and 84% of former parents also answered yes. These were the highest numbers the research consultant had ever seen for a college or university!

Why would you choose Messiah again?

  • Current students, their parents and former parents were most likely to mention the experience had been challenging academically and spiritually.
  • The second most frequently cited reason among students was love the people (student peers, faculty, staff, students)
  • Alumni were most likely to mention great teachers/professors
  • The second most common reason among former parents was the Christian environment


In what ways does Messiah serve students particularly well?

The most frequent open-ended response pertained to rigorous academics/ academic opportunities. A substantial percentage of each audience also appreciated spiritual learning, or spiritual setting in the case of former parents;faculty; and cross-cultural and service opportunities.

In their own words

Spiritually, I’ve thought more intentionally about my faith and what I believe and why. Academically, I’ve really improved my writing and critical thinking skills. I feel more confident and more sure of what I believe.

-Messiah senior


Professors in my department were outstanding teachers and mentors who helped develop my talents, skills, and confidence.

-Messiah graduate




We appreciated Messiah’s spiritual atmosphere and the opportunity to mature spiritually along with securing a top-rated academic education.

-parent of a Messiah graduate



Messiah was transformative for my son! I was so encouraged to find that a Christian college education could balance a strong encouragement of faith and productive involvement in society with significant intellectual challenge.

-Parent of a Messiah graduate


I received an education which prepared me for my career. Now that I am in grad school, I realize how much more academically challenging Messiah was. I have not taken a single graduate level course which has been as academically challenging as most of my undergrad courses at MC.

-Messiah graduate



Messiah has been a great fit for my son. He has grown in so many ways during these three years and has been accepted by students and faculty. He has done well academically. He has learned how to be a Christian in the true sense in our society and world. I am so impressed that he grew spiritually in college, which is often a time when young people can turn away from God.

-Parent of a Messiah senior

My son is more mature and thoughtful and an increasingly serious student and thinker.

-Parent of a Messiah junior



A Messiah education “put feet” to my daughter’s faith. What was an idea or head knowledge became a belief system and a way of life for her.

-Parent of a Messiah graduate


I think that all employees (staff, administrators and faculty) genuinely care about the well-being of the students and make every effort to be supportive. I do not exaggerate when I say “all” because I have not come across a single individual in the two decades I have worked at Messiah that has not been committed to this. Even when we are in disagreement with each other, we have a sense of being united in service to the students.

-Messiah faculty member

†To help ensure authenticity, Messiah University’s branding/marketing communications are based on a comprehensive body of research conducted by Crane Metamarketing in 2009—including focus groups and statistically valid surveys with prospective students, current students, current parents, faculty and staff, alumni and parents of alumni (within 2 percent margin of error).

One of the richest data sets we received from the branding research conducted for Messiah University by Crane Metamarketing in 2009 was the open-ended survey responses contributed by students, parents, alumni and faculty. The above are just a few quotes related to how Messiah is making a transforming difference in the lives of students.