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Emergency preparedness

You probably find it hard to imagine that anything too bad could happen here, right? But, let’s be realistic: bad or unexpected things can happen anywhere, at any time. With that in mind, we want you to be prepared to respond calmly and responsibly to a campus emergency. Students and campus visitors will likely look to you for instruction and reassurance, so please familiarize yourself with the University’s crisis response planning.

Here are some things you should know/ways you can help:

  • Sign up for our Text Message Alert System. Then, in an emergency, you will be quickly notified of the danger and how to respond. You’ll also be among the first to know if the University alters its schedule due to inclement weather.
  • Program the dispatch phone number into your cell phone: 717-691-6005. Memorize their extension—ext. 6005—or tape it in plain sight of your office phone. This will connect you to campus safety personnel 24-7
  • Read the emails in your Messiah account that contain subject lines like “emergency notification,” “timely warning notice” and “emergency information.” These are critically important messages that contain specific information that will help keep you safe.
  • Know whether you are considered an “essential” or “non-essential” employee in emergency situations. If you’re unsure, talk to your supervisor or human resources. Be clear on exactly what might be expected of you in a crisis response situation.
  • Read through the campus evacuation materials and have a plan for how you will get home in the unlikely event that we need to clear campus. Also, consider in advance whether you can transport and house students or other employees who might not be able to get home, and be prepared to volunteer if necessary.
  • Use discretion in what you communicate via social media in an emergency or crisis situation. The University works to quickly distribute accurate and verified information through its official social media channels in an emeUniversityrgency situation. This can often be hindered by employees or students who are posting incomplete or unverified information simultaneously. It is helpful, however, to help disseminate official information from the University to others via your social networks in a crisis.

Your safety is a key priority for Messiah University. Please partner with us in making sure that you (and the rest of the Messiah University community) are equipped and prepared to respond well in times of crisis.