Rumor Control

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Use social media responsibly 

Word travels fast these days. With the proliferation of smart phones, people can post to social media about an emergency before all the appropriate emergency responders have even been notified. With that in mind, we want to help you know how to detect Messiah University’s official information in times of crisis.

Depending on the situation, some or all of the University’s official emergency communication channels will be updated and monitored by a member or representative of the University’s Crisis Management Team. We will work as quickly as we can to post accurate, timely information in these locations. Remember, because we are committed to accurate, verified information reporting, we may not post at the same rapid pace as others who are not part of the University’s response team and are relying on secondhand information or speculation.

Everyone in the campus community can help manage rumor control by using discretion about what they communicate via social media and by forwarding/sharing official information they receive from the University with their own social networks.