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Prepare for an emergency evacuation

Although unlikely, in certain disaster situations it could become necessary to evacuate campus. Preparing for an emergency evacuation before there is an eminent danger will lessen stress and increase the effectiveness of the evacuation. In preparation, Messiah University relies on the cooperation and pro-active planning of every member of the University community.

Students and their families are asked to create a personal evacuation plan. Similarly, we are asking employees to consider their own evacuation plans. For many of us, it will be quite simple and we’ll simply return home in our cars. However, for some it might be more complicated, so please plan ahead. Here are a few things for you to consider:

  • Am I an essential or non-essential employee? What will my supervisor expect of me in an evacuation situation? If you’re unsure of expectations, talk to your supervisor.
  • What are some alternate ways to get home if major roadways are impassable?
  • Is there a colleague I could travel home with if I am temporarily unable to get to my own home?
  • Do I have room in my car to transport other students/employees? Can I house them in my home for a few days?
  • Is there anything in my work space that needs secured if I’m not going to be able to return for an unknown period of time?

Of course, none of us can begin to predict all the details of a situation that would warrant a campus evacuation, so we recognize that even the best-laid plans could be challenged by road closures, mandates from authorities or the sheer magnitude of the emergency. We commit to working with you to alter your plans, if necessary.