B.S. in Music Education

The Bachelor of Science in Music Education prepares students for a career in teaching at the elementary, middle, and high school levels, while learning to excel in an individual performance area.  Students interested in gaining hands-on classroom experience prior to graduation will find a wealth of opportunities at Messiah University. In addition to the experiences students have in the field at all levels and in all performing areas, laboratory teaching is part of each Curriculum and Instruction course.

Music bs in music imageMusic education students have the opportunity to continue the development of performing skills necessary for good teaching through ensemble participation, applied lessons, master classes, and recitals.  Additionally, the core music courses, including Sight Singing and Ear Training, Music Theory, and Music History, provide the training and expertise students will need in order to achieve the technical and expressive skills necessary for performing and teaching at the highest levels.

All courses are taught with a Christian worldview by professors whose desire it is to see each student grow in faith and insight, specifically with regard to a career as a music teacher.  The Bachelor of Science in Music Education allows each student to participate in the highly rewarding yet demanding environment that strives to create the best musicians and teachers possible.

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