Sportsmanship Policy

Sportsmanship Policy

Sportsmanship is a vital part of the Rec. Sports program. Participants are expected to comply with all of the rules which govern the game, match, or activity. Compliance to the rules and good sportsmanship provide a more enjoyable experience for everyone and enhance the spirit of the contest.

Officials may remove from a contest or activity any individual who demonstrates language or action unbecoming of a Christian. Any player ejected from a game will be suspended for a minimum of 1 game. An individual’s second removal from a game will, at a minimum, prohibit him/her from participation for the remainder of that sports season. See “MC Rec. Sports Ejection Policy” for more information.

Teams and players will be given an ample warning by a Rec. Sports official after their first offense to the rules. Multiple offenses will result in the loss of a Sportsmanship Rating point. Exception: If intentional physical contact is made with another player or official players may be subject to immediate ejection.

Teams and individuals will be held accountable for their actions by the following Rating System:

“A”- 4.0     Excellent Conduct

Players cooperate fully with the officials, the opposing team, and Rec-Sports Staff.
The captain calmly converses with officials about rule interpretations/calls and has
control of his/her team.

“B” - 3.0    Good Conduct

Team members verbally complain about some decisions made by officials and/or
show minor dissension that may or may not merit a technical foul, yellow card, or
penalty. Teams that receive 1 such violation may NOT earn a rating above 3.0.

“C” - 2.0    Average Conduct

Team shows verbal dissent towards officials and/or the opposing team that may or
may not merit a technical foul, yellow card, or penalty. Captain exhibits minor
control over his/her team. Teams receiving multiple such violations or one ejection shall
not earn a rating above a 2.0.

“D” - 1.0    Below Average Conduct

Team constantly comments to the officials and/or the opposing team from the field
or sidelines. The team captain exhibits little or no control over teammates and/or
himself/herself. A team which receives 2 player ejections shall not earn a rating
above a 1.0.

“F” - 0.0    Poor Conduct

Team is completely uncooperative and disrespectful toward officials and/or
opposing team. Captain has no control over teammates and/or himself/herself.

Any team causing a game to be forfeited or receives multiple ejections shall receive a 0 rating.  In addition, teams which do not provide a 24-Hr advance notice of being unable to play a scheduled game will also receive a “0” rating.

**Teams must have a minimum average of 3.0 to be eligible for playoffs!**

Also, teams that receive a sportsmanship score less than 3.0 during the playoffs, will not be able to advance. The unsportsmanlike team will be forced to forfeit, allowing the opposing team to advance.