Ejection Policy

Ejection Policy

All MC Rec. Sports participants are expected to display appropriate conduct and fair play. This is described as thoughtfulness and concern for others; admiration for the skills of teammates, opponents, and officials; self control; humility in victory; and calmness and composure in defeat. Promoting integrity and fair play in competitive activities is everyone’s responsibility.

Therefore, any participant or spectator behavior that violates the Messiah College Student Code of Conduct, MC Rec. Sports sportsmanship policies and guidelines, or any behavior representing other

general misconduct could result in disqualification, ejection, suspension, banishment from Messiah College Rec. Sports.

Any ejection from a Rec. Sports contest immediately suspends that individual from all Rec. Sports activities until the matter is resolved by meeting with the Director of Rec. Sports. Upon meeting with the Director of Rec. Sports, a decision regarding the length of suspension will be made and only upon its completion will the individual be permitted to resume Rec. Sports activities. Failure to comply with this procedure may result in forfeiture of games, the team being removed from the league, permanent suspension or other disciplinary action. Severe cases of misconduct may be referred to the Dean of Students Office.

Causes for ejection may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Verbal abuse towards players, spectators, officials, or Rec. Sports staff
  • Threatening comments made towards players, spectators, officials, or Rec. Sports staff
  • Playing under an assumed name
  • Playing on more than one team(per sport)
  • Threatening actions(no contact) toward players, spectators, officials or Rec. Sports Staff
  • Inappropriate physical contact of another player, spectator, official, or Rec. Sports Staff
  • Fighting
  • Repeated infractions