*All players must bring a Messiah College ID to play. NO ID = NO PLAY*

rec sports - Img 3960 1Who can play Rec. Sports?

  1. All current Messiah College undergraduate and graduate students (full and part time) and MC employees can participate in any Rec. Sports activities.
  2. Messiah College Alumni can only participate in open tournaments, such as ping pong and tennis.
  3. Spouses and children of employees, alumni, and students are not eligible to play unless they fall into one of the above mentioned categories.
  4. CLUB PLAYERS: Members of a club sport are defined as students who participated or practiced with the club during the current academic year. If at any point during the academic year a person is on the club roster (Regardless of when he/ she tries out for the team, or if he/she quits the team during the season) then that person will be considered a club player. If an individual tries out for a club team and does not make the team, they will NOT be considered a club player. If they have practiced with the club team for more than ONE practice, then they are ineligible. The number of club players per Rec. Sports Team is limited depending on the sport and will be communicated by the Rec. Sports Office.
  5. INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETES: Current intercollegiate athletes are defined as any individual that is on the roster of an intercollegiate team. Varsity and Junior Varsity players are both considered to be intercollegiate athletes. Players who are "trying out" or working out with a team are considered to be on the team unless they are cut prior to the first contest of the traditional season. These athletes are NOT eligible to participate in their respective sport or a related sport. Even an athlete who has utilized all of their NCAA eligibility is not eligible for Rec. Sports.
  6. PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES: A professional athlete is defined as one who has received monetary compensation for his/her athletic service. Current professionals are NOT eligible in their respective sport or a related sport. Former professionals may be granted an exception, but must obtain prior approval by the Director of Rec. Sports.


  1. All players must bring a Messiah College ID to play. THIS INCLUDES ALUMNI. Alumni can show either an old student ID or an alumni ID that has been issued through card services. A driver's license is no longer accepted as ID for students or alumni.
  2. All participants must complete an "Assumption of Risk and Liability" Form prior to participation in any Rec. Sports activity. Participants need only fill one form per academic year. Playing without having signed this form will result in a team forfeit for that game.
  3. Team Captains are responsible for the eligibility of each member of their team.
  4. Participants may only play for one team per activity or sport.
  5. Participants may not register under an assumed name.
  6. Team Captains are responsible for their rosters. Players must be added to the team roster by the posted deadline. Additions to a team's roster after the team has completed regular season play will not be permitted. Only participants who have played in at least 1 regular season game are eligible for playoffs/tournament.
  7. Participants may not change teams once the season has begun.
  8. No substitutions will be allowed in individual/doubles activities for those listed on the entry form unless approved by the Director of Rec Sports.
  9. Each activity or sport may have additional eligibility rules which will be stated in the informational sheet for that activity or sport.