Training & Professional Development

Training & Professional Development

Cleveland State University’s Masters in Diversity Management

The second largest of the Cleveland State’s seven colleges, the College of Sciences and Health Professions has more than 110 full-time faculty and enrolls more than 2,600 students. The College has five departments: Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences; Chemistry; Mathematics; Physics; Psychology; and one school, the School of Health Sciences.

Cornell University’s degree in Diversity Management

Cornell was one of the nation's first universities to develop and promote diversity, inclusion, and EEO programs that would address the need for organizations to apply good diversity management to promote justice, well-being, and business effectiveness.

Diversity Resources

Workplace Diversity training- Rather than looking at diversity training as a general topic, you’ll find it’s more effective to focus on specific issues. Here are 10 top diversity topics on which your people need training.