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Local churches

Grantham Brethren in Christ church during winter.

Churches near Messiah College

The region surrounding Messiah College offers a rich array of churches and worship communities. Local churches and parishes are eager to welcome Messiah College students to worship and serve in their congregations. A number of churches provide transportation on Sunday mornings.

The College encourages students to find local church homes and/or experience a wide array of worship experiences by visiting several churches during their college career. To assist, the College offers a searchable church database for you to explore local church options. 

In the church database, you can find much information including location, service times, contact information and whether or not the church provides transportation to Sunday services. You can search by variables like denomination, distance from campus and/or location. 

The Messiah College Church Database is provided as a service to students and employees. Use of the database for mass communication and/or solicitation purposes of any kind is prohibited without the consent and/or permission of College Ministries.

Local Church Database

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