Student employment | Policies

Student Handbook:

Click here for the Student Handbook (login to Policy Central). The student handbook is the main document you should become familiar with regarding your student employment at Messiah University.



Click here to submit a report online.

Click here for complete details of the University's Harassment Policy and Grievance Procedures.

As an expression of our Christian values, Messiah University is committed to creating an atmosphere of dignity and respect for all people by fostering a learning, living, and working environment free from harassment.

The University will respond promptly and firmly to reported incidents in ways that are educational and redemptive and that encourage both personal responsibility and reconciliation within the community.



In general, please process paperwork for payroll changes, additional compensation, etc. at least two (2) weeks prior the pay date for which you want to make the change. Specific deadlines may vary. Click here for the deadline policy (see the attachment link at the bottom of that page). Note: this document is in Policy Central.


Payment Guidelines:

Click here for guidelines for making payment (PDF). These guidelines will help you determine which form you will need to process your payment request properly, and which office can assist you.