Pixlr Editor

Pixlr Editor

Video Tutorial


Step-by-Step Instructions for Opening Pixlr:

1 - Go to

2 - Click "Open Pixlr Editor"

*It might tell you to download Adobe Flash Player. Follow the steps to download it, then Pixlr 
editor should work.


Step-by-Step Instructions for Basic Photo Editing:

1 - Open the image from your computer. Your image should be saved somewhere on your hard drive.

2 - Crop the image if needed. If the cursor is not already in crop mode, click the crop icon at the top left of the editing options. Crop image and press Enter on your keyboard.

3 - Go to Image at the top, then Image Size. 

4 - Make sure Constrain Proportions is checked. Then change the width to 500 pixels. (the height will automatically change in proportion to width) Press OK.

5 - Go to File -> Save.

     - Save the image as "image name - 500"

     - Keep the JPEG format

     - Change Quality to 70

     - Navigate to the folder you'd like to save your image to


To make sure the image saved with the correct size...

     - Navigate to the new image on your hard drive

     - Right click and open "Get Info" or "Properties"

     - Find dimensions and double check that it says "500 x ___" (the proportional height)


Your image is ready to use online!