Sollenberger Sports Center

September 23, 2011

We are approaching the completion of the new high efficiency gas boiler installation for the Sollenberger Sports Center and the Eisenhower Campus Center. The new high efficiency boilers will replace originally installed electric heating systems in the Sports Center, as well as the domestic hot water heating system in the Campus Center.

Over the next few weeks our contractors will be installing control valves, pipe insulation, and computerized automated controls. The hot water piping for the new heating system is about 95% complete. We expect that the project will be completed by mid- October.

Any questions concerning this project can be directed to Facility Services

July 8, 2011

The equipment in the Sollenberger Sports Center is being upgraded to a high efficiency heating system.  The current electric heating systems are being replaced with high efficiency gas boilers.  These new boilers are being installed in the basement under the pools.  The boilers will be used to provide domestic hot water to both the SSC and the Campus Center.  After the completion of this project, the SSC will be heated by the gas boilers.  The project is expected to be finished by mid-October.

June 2011

The new energy efficient fluorescent lighting has been installed.  Come see how bright the gym looks now.

May 2011 -

On May 16th, Heim Electric will begin replacing the metal halide lights in Hitchcock Arena with new energy efficient fluorescent lighting.


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