Summer Projects 2012

Project Updates - June 20, 2012 -

Kelly Apartments - This project includes renovating the kitchens in the apartments (new cabinets, counter tops, sinks, stoves and range hoods), replacing flooring and installing bathroom booster exhaust fans.  The "A" Section has been completed.  The contractors are currently working in the "B" Section.

Jordan Exercise Science Lab - Classrooms #163 and #170 are being turned into the new Exercise Science Lab.  This project includes new wall coverings, flooring and ceilings.  The equipment form ECC 04 will be relocated in early July.

Frey Hall - This project is replacing the fan coil units in the building and is running ahead of schedule.  At this time most of the work on the first and second floors has been completed with work to begin on the third floor today (6/20).  There are still a few areas to finish up on the first two floors - rooms 4 and 10 are waiting for duct work to arrive to be installed and Siements still needs to complete the control wiring on the second floor.

Film Studies Studio - This studio has been relocated to Murray Library in room #23.  This project includes a construction of a "green wall" and electrical work.

Sollenberger Sports Center - SGA has approved funding for the refinishing of Racquetball Courts #'s 1, 2 and 3.  The courts should be ready by the end of June.

Below is a list of several projects happening around campus this summer -

Climenhaga Homestead (McBeth Alumni Center) - a project to install siding over the wood trim of the Homestead will be starting in the next couple of weeks.  This project is being done to minimize future maintenance needs of the building.

Kelly Apartments - The Kelly Apartment renovation will be completed this summer.  The renovations include new kitchen layouts including cabinetry.  This project also includes new flooring in each apartment, centralized bathroom exhausts and repairing electrical deficiencies.

Witmer Re-Piping - The B section of Witmer Residence will be off-line this summer.  A contractor will be re-piping the domestic water in this section.  All the existing piping will be removed and new piping installed.  This project is being done to replace the thin copper piping which is creating leaks.

Jordan Exercise Science Lab - The exercise science lab will be moving from the basement of Eisenhower (rm. 4) to Jordan (rms 163 and 170).  The contractor will be starting this project on May 29th taking approximately 6 weeks to complete.  ECC4 will then be turned back into a classroom.