Covered Bridge Restoration

September 23 , 2011

Restoration work on the Bowmansdale Covered Bridge that spans the Yellow Breeches on the Messiah College Campus is now complete.

The restoration included a new roof, new siding, and finishes that have restored the bridge to its original condition. The bridge now has 8 LED high efficiency lights that help to provide safety and make the bridge a night time focal point. The restoration work was completed by Fitzgerald’s Heavy Timber Construction who specializes in this type of renovation work.

Any questions concerning the restoration of the Covered Bridge can be directed to Facility Services.

September 2 , 2011

Work on the historic Covered Bridge is coming to a close.  The bridge restoration is about 90% complete.  Over the next two weeks the entire bridge structure will receive a spray fire coating application. During this time we will also be installing 8 new LED lights so our bridge can be a night time focal point on campus.  We expect the bridge will be completely finished before September 30, 2011.

August 15 , 2011

New siding and roofing has been installed on the downstream side of the bridge.  The contractor has moved his rigging to the upstream side.  The old roof and siding has been removed and installation of the new roof and siding has started.  The contractor will be working extra hours in anticipation of opening the bridge the week of August 15th.  After the bridge is open, the contractor will work on completing the renovations which include fire proofing all the wood and installing lightning suppression. 

July 8, 2011

Much of the work over the last several days is being done a the contractor's shop.  As shown in the pictures the siding on one side of the bridge has been removed and much of the roof has already been replaced.  The contractor is preparing the new siding boards at his shop.  A special lenseed oil paint is being used on the new boards.  Over the next few weeks the painting of the siding will be completed and the new boards will be installed.  After that process is completed the work on the other side of the bridge will begin.

June 2011

The restoration to the Covered Bridge continues.  The contractor has removed the roof shingles and the wood siding on one side.  To meet DEP requirements it is necessary to build a protective barrier between the side of the bridge that is currently being worked on and the Yellow Breeches.  This barrier also serves as a walk way for our contractors to access the bridge during construction.  New wood siding and new wood shingles will be installed over the next few weeks.  After that point the other side of the bridge will be stripped to the supporting structures and re-built.  The project is on schedule with a mid-August completion date.

May 2011 -

The historic covered bridge is structurally in excellent condition.  It will be given a "face lift".  The sides will be painted and the roof will be replaced.

This project will take three to four months to complete.  The bridge will stay open as much as possible while work is being done, but may need to close from time to time for safety reasons.

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