Old Main Rear Entrance

September 2, 2011

The rear entrance renovations to Old Main are about 90% complete.  The parking lot has re-opened and work in the stairwell is now finished.  Old Main now has better handicap access, with automatic door openers, on the entrance and stairwell doors.  We expect over the next several weeks the area at the rear entrance will be landscaped as the project comes to a close.

August 15 , 2011

The rear renovations to Old Main are projected to be finished this week.  The stairwell as well as the parking lot behind Old Main will re-open the week of August 15th.

July 8, 2011

The contractor completed the installation of the new sewer manhole that will be under the parking lot behind the building.  Foundation work has started for the new stairs that will go into the basement.  Much of the infrastructure work that lays under the area of the new parking lot has been started .  The contractors continue to install storm water piping that will drain the storm water from the new parking areas.

June 2011

On May 16th the rear entrance to Old Main was shut down and work began on the renovations.  The brick pavers and handicap ramp were removed.  A new brine tank for the water softener and water main service have been installed.  Electrical service for the building was relocated on June 17th. 

On June 20th facelift work to the center stairwell started with new drywall and ceiling work underway. As this work continues you will see daily progress to the opening of the new fully accessible entrance.

May 2011 -

Beginning May 16th, the parking lot behind Old Main will be closed for the renovation of the rear entrance to the building.  The renovations will include modifying the grade from the parking lot to the back doors to be ADA compliant.  Modifications will also include new entry doors to the stairwell and to the lower level elevator lobby.

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