Kline Hall Nursing Renovations

September 7, 2010

This project, which includes state of the art interaction simulation labs, is complete.

July 21, 2010

This project is moving along well.  All the dry wall  is hung and painted.  New ceiling grid has been installed.  The nursing head wall units have been installed.  This project is on track for an August 13th completion.

June 2010 -

Updates shortly.

May 2010 -

Asbestos removal started on May 17, 2010 followed by demolition in Room 106, Kline 4 and Kline 5.  New drywall will be going up the week of

May 31, 2010.

April 2010 -

Renovations will be made to several rooms in Kline Hall.  These renovations are being done to accommodate more students and create advance simulation rooms for nursing studies.

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