Slate Roof Project

July 21, 2010

This project is completed.  The slate roofing on 12 different buildings have been repaired or replaced.

June 2010 -

Updated shortly.

May 2010-

This project is winding down.  The contractor is finishing work at Mellinger building.  They will be moving to Hostetter Chapel to replace roof slates and copper valleys.  The last building they will be working on is Murray Library.

March/April 2010-

This is an on going deferred maintenance project.  The contractor is replacing broken slate and installing snow guard.  The snow guard will help prevent damage slate in the future.  The snow guards will also help prevent snow from sliding off the roof.

February 2010 -

The contractor has been on campus mid January and continues to replace missing and broken slate.  They will also be installing snowguard on all applicable roofs.  Due to recent heavy snowstorms, their work has slowed down but will include damage from the storms.

January 2010 -

Over the next several months, the contractor will be replacing missing and broken slate on all campus buildings.  Please be aware of work being done overhead and stay clear of areas taped off or coned off.

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