Within the major, students develop a closely-knit community through shared experiences and taking many of the same classes. Students can also get involved in groups like Messiah's Social Work Club and Phi Alpha Honor Society. As the social work community, we strive to extend our influence to the Messiah community, the Grantham community, the national community, and even international community.

Phi-Alpha Social Work Honor Society

Phi Alpha is the official Lambda Psi Chapter of the National Honor Society of Social Work. To be a member of Phi Alpha, a student must have social work as his/her declared major, achieve sophomore status, achieve at least an overall GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, and achieve at least a 3.5 GPA in the social work major. Phi Alpha rewards students for their academic excellence and provides an opportunity for furthered professional development through the club’s events and service projects. Each month the club holds an event called Cookies & Questions, which provides an opportunity for social work students of all classes to gather and develop their professional skills. Once a semester, themembers of Phi Alpha participate in a service project to demonstrate their adherence to the core values that are described in the NASW Code of Ethics. Being a part of Phi Alpha is meant to inspire growth toward becoming a professional social worker in the final years of a student’s formal education.

Phi Alpha and Social Work club students


"As Phi Alpha President, this year I have seen each member take steps toward intentionally focusing on professional development. We have invested in the personal interests of other students to be able to enhance the club's activities, such as monthly meetings and a semester service project. Each event fosters community between students and facilitates educational opportunities to enhance professionalism."

Brooke Aulthouse, '20


Social Work Club  

The Social Work Club is the Department club for the Social Work Program. The club's goal is to foster connection within the Department through three main programs and its own monthly events. The three programs that are conducted by the Social Work Club are the peer mentor program, the prayer shawl ministry, and the prayer chaplain events. The peer mentor program focuses on connecting underclassmen with upperclassmen in an intentional mentoring relationship to provide guidance in the department and in the college transition to underclassmen and leadership opportunities to the upperclassmen. The prayer shawl ministry focuses on fostering connections with community members by knitting, crocheting, or looming prayer shawls. As the Department is made aware of community members suffering a loss, tragedy, or other hardship, social work students pray over the shawls and they are distributed to the family or community member. Finally, the prayer chaplains foster faith within the Department by holding prayer events and bible study for other social work students and faculty. Overall, the Social Work Club strives to promote self-awareness, self-care, and community for the Social Work Department at large .


social work students eating pizza


"The Social Work Club provides many opportunities for the leadership team to create a unique club experience. As president this year, my goal has been to assist my officer team in creating club programs that fit their vision for the club and the Department at large. I have enjoyed watching programs evolve over the years to fit the new visions of the officer team as a whole. I think I speak for the whole officer team when I say that we hope students feel connected to the club and to each other through our events."

Lauren Mast, '20