Current student resources - Department of Social Work

Messiah Social Work Program Handbook

The Handbook includes information about Messiah University and the social work profession, information about Messiah's Social Work Program and its policies, procedures, and timelines, as well as information about services, resources and opportunities. Use the links below to access the Handbook and other important information. 

Social Work Handbook 

Practicum Manual

Department Honors 

Application to the Major

Accelerated Social Work Degree

NASW Code of Ethics



The Career and Professional Development Center is a great place for students to begin their post-graduate search. 

Many students may be interested in pursuing their MSW after attending Messiah. The following are resources for students to begin their search. 

Students can also opt to complete their LBSW in PA by sitting for a licensing exam if they decide to not do their MSW right away. The following are resources that will guide your steps as you pursue this process. 

Additional resources can be found below. 

For grad school or post-graduation employment, it may be necessary to request a recommendation letter from the Social Work Department Messiah University.  

Click for the online form link.

Once the form has been submitted to the professor, it is appropriate and encouraged that students follow up with professors (email) as deadlines for requests are getting near as long as the communication is done in a professional manner.