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Prospective Student Resources

Christ-Centered. Nationally Accredited. Student Focused.


Christian Faith

At Messiah University, the Social Work Department directly incorporates faith into social work practice. The Social Work profession’s six core values all relate back to Biblical concepts.

The Messiah University Social Work Program is intentional regarding faith integration through developing an additional Competency related to the application of Christian faith development principles to professional practice that is required by all Social Work Majors upon graduation.

National Accreditation

The Department is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).

Advantages of Attending a Nationally Accredited School of Social Work for one’s Bachelors of Social Work (BSW) degree includes:

  • Messiah University offers a quality education that meets or exceeds CSWE Accreditation Standards. This demonstrates that Messiah University educates students following standards developed by the Council of Social Work Education.
  • Students may obtain Advanced Standing in graduate schools of social work to obtain a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree in one year.

Student Involvement Opportunities

Social work students at Messiah University have distinct opportunities to become involved in Messiah University's close-knit and supportive community to further enhance students’ education, social support, and professional development.

A few of the clubs and organizations social work students at Messiah University can be involved in include the following:

  • Phi Alpha Social Work Honors Society
  • Social Work Club
  • Prayer Shawl Ministries
  • Department of Social Work Diplomats

Social Work Students at Messiah University are currently serving in numerous leadership opportunities, which demonstrates the program’s commitment to create an atmosphere that fosters student growth and leadership development.

A few of the leadership positions our students serve in include the following:

Commitment to Service

The social work profession highly regards service, as it is one of Six Core Values held by the Social Work Profession. The importance of service is emphasized within the Department’s Mission Statement and Goals. Service is demonstrated through students engaging in over 600 hours of field education over the course of their time at Messiah University.

To learn more about the importance of Service Learning visit the Messiah University’s Agape Center’s website!

Career Options

Social work majors are commonly asked the question…“What are you going to do with a social work degree?”  A better question may be “What can’t you do with a social work degree?”

There are numerous career fields and options for Social Workers. Social workers serve in many roles, capacities, and locations with diverse clientele.

An example of the many fields of Social Work include the following:

  • Child Welfare
  • International Social Work
  • Public Welfare
  • School Social Work
  • Clinical
  • Gerontology
  • Administration
  • Palliative and Hospice
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse
  • Military and Veterans
  • Psychiatry
  • Criminal Justice and Corrections
  • Community Organization
For more information regarding career fields in Social Work click here.
To learn more about what social workers do, click on the following links:
Our Faculty
The Messiah University Social Work Department is blessed with supportive, professional, and accomplished faculty. The full time faculty are composed of Dr. Charlene Lane, Interim Department Chair and Professor of Social Work; Associate Professor Michelle George, Social Work Field Coordinator; and Debbie Chopka, Department Administrative Assistant. To contact Messiah University Social Work Department’s Faculty, click here.

Messiah University also utilizes adjunct faculty teaching social work classes, who are also social work practitioners in the local community.

Financial Aid

Messiah University is committed to enabling you to achieve your educational goals. Messiah University provides several useful tools and tips to financing your education such as our Net Price Calculator, Seven Steps to Financial aid, and access to various Financial Aid Policies.

The College offers numerous scholarships and financial aid such as the following:

  • Merit-Based Assistance
    • Trustees’ Scholarship for Excellence
    • President’s Scholarship for College Honors
    • Provost’s Scholarship
    • The Lloyd and Lois Martin Multicultural Scholarship
    • Humanities Scholars Program
    • Messiah College Scholarship
    • Phi Theta Kappa
  • Need-Based Assistance
    • Grants
    • Students Employments
    • Federal Loans

For more information regarding Messiah University’s Financial Aid for Undergraduate Programs visit the Financial Aid Page.