Mission & Goals - Department of Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science


As the Department of Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science, our goal is to educate students as developing professionals, challenge students to communicate effectively and think critically, and mentor students as Christian servant-leaders.

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Student Goals

The following goals are meant to be achieved by all students upon graduation with any Department of Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science degree:

1. The student will research, critique, and effectively communicate an understanding of various philosophies, principles, and practices associated with their specific area of study.

2. The student will begin to integrate faith and learning through a commitment to Christ and the application of Biblical truths.

3. The student will develop abilities common to the liberally educated, including locating and managing information, solving problems, and making decisions.

4. The student will develop and apply knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary for appropriate stewardship of the body and a lifetime commitment to overall wellness.