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Transfer Guidelines for QuEST (General Education)

Transfer Guidelines for General Education

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Guide to Transfer Equivalencies for Messiah University QuEST (General Education) Requirements


Requirement Equivalency
First Year Seminar 3 credits English composition (Awarded if 2 or more full-time semesters of college have been completed after high school graduation)
Oral Communication 3 credits public speaking (e.g. speech; relational communication)
Created and Called for Community 3 credits Messiah University course
Mathematical Science 3 credits mathematical science beyond college algebra (Some majors may have specific course requirements)
Laboratory Science 3-4 credits laboratory science (e.g. biology, chemistry, physics, geology containing a lab component. Some majors may have specific course requirements)
Science, Technology & the World 3 credits science or technology studies course emphasizing ethical, social, historical, philosophical, aesthetic, or political aspects
Social Science 3 credits introductory psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics, or political science
History 3 credits European or United States history
Literature 3 credits literature (e.g. American writers, British writers, Shakespeare, short stories, poetry)
Philosophy or Religion 3 credits philosophy (e.g. introduction to philosophy) or religion (e.g. introduction to world's major religious traditions)
Arts 3 credits art, music, or theatre
Languages & Culture 3 semesters of same modern language
Non-Western Studies 3 credits in non-western studies (e.g. Asian, Latin American, Native American, African studies)
Bible *3 credits focusing on the functions, formation, and genres of the Bible
Christian Beliefs *3 credits focusing on the theological thinking, writing, and interpretation, central beliefs about Christian faith
Wellness 2 one credit activity courses
Ethics in the Modern World, World Views, or Pluralism in Contemporary America Ethics: describe and apply various approaches to philosophical ethics;
Worldviews: articulate, justify, and compare/contrast differing world views;
Pluralism: contemporary issues arising from various forms of diversity, examine effects of inequality

*Case by case exceptions for appropriate equivalent courses made in light of the theological foundation of the transferring college.

NOTE: Some majors have specifically defined courses that meet both a major and a QuEST (General Education) requirement. Consult the current Messiah University catalog for more information at