Forms for current students

Change of Program

Complete this form to apply to a different graduate program.
Application to Change Graduate Programs

Change of Track/Concentration

Complete this form to change your track /concentration or request to declare a second track/concentration.
Change of Track/Concentration Request

Directed Study

Available to students who need to complete a catalogued course at a time other than when it is offered.
Application for Directed Study

Independent Study

Exploring a particular area of study outside of the current graduate curriculum.
Application for Independent Study

Transfer Credit Approval

Request course(s) be reviewed for transfer credit.
Approval for Transfer Credit

Address or Name Change

Complete this form to update your address or legal name.
Address/Name Change Form

Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Form

Complete this form to request a leave of absence or withdraw from the University.
Leave of Absence/Withdrawal

Medical Leave Request Forms

Complete these forms to request medical leave/medical excuse, request to return from medical leave, or request to extend medical leave.
Medical Leave

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) form and information can be found on the School of Graduate and Professional Studies homepage.
School of Graduate and Professional Studies FERPA Homepage

Registration Change Forms

Complete one of these forms to request to add, drop or withdraw from a course.
Registration Change Forms