Installation of art work

The M. Louise Aughinbaugh Gallery, Messiah University

The Aughinbaugh Gallery at Messiah University serves as an extension of the art curricula and endeavors to engage visitors in the experience of seeing and thinking. We strive to present artwork and related programs designed to foster interdisciplinary studying, to facilitate and encourage independent learning, and to demonstrate the richness and diversity of the human experience through art. We actively work to extend the range of arts experiences to include diverse media and serve as a catalyst for the creation of new work in the visual arts. The goal of the Aughinbaugh Gallery is to exhibit, interpret and advocate for the visual arts, with an emphasis on contemporary art.

The Aughinbaugh Gallery features new exhibitions on a six week basis that are designed to be of interest to the campus and community. The artwork displayed is created by nationally recognized artists, Messiah’s art faculty, and our students. Our shows consider a wide variety of artistic expression, from traditional studio areas and the fine crafts, to conceptual art and installation. The gallery program supplements classroom instruction by bringing practicing artists to campus to demonstrate techniques in classes and by organizing special evening lectures and afternoon gallery talks. The gallery also functions as a hands-on teaching laboratory for students in our Museum Studies course.