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Cybersecurity Bachelor's Degree (B.S.)

Cybersecurity Bachelor's Degree (B.S.)

Cybersecurity at Messiah College

Do you thrive in a tech challenge like defending networks and information systems against cyberattacks? If you do, Messiah College’s Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in cybersecurity may be the right fit for you!

The cybersecurity major at Messiah College, one of the top Christian colleges in the U.S., will prepare you to secure data, computer networks and systems that house data. You will learn how to write protected software applications as you analyze systems, identify and define security risks, and design solutions to mitigate those risks.

As a cybersecurity major at Messiah College, you'll be able to:

  • Utilize industry-recognized resources of the latest technology and the standard tools and techniques to safeguard those technologies

  • Analyze systems, identifying and defining the security risks and design solutions to mitigate those risks, with consideration for business concerns and technical issues
  • Develop and defend an ethical code of conduct consistent with the Christian faith and formulated from an understanding of professional, ethical, legal, security, and social issues and responsibilities
  • Prepare for practical experiences with courses such as computer programming, ethical hacking, network security and more

As a graduate of the cybersecurity program, you will be equipped to secure positions such as:

  • Security analyst
  • Security auditor
  • Security software developer
  • Forensic computer analyst
  • Information security analyst
  • Security architect

For more information on career planning for the cybersecurity program, visit the Messiah College Career and Professional Development Center

Messiah’s nationally recognized internship program places students in a variety of internships. A few examples include:

  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Comcast
  • Federal Reserve Bank
  • Ford Motor Company
  • GE
  • Highmark Health
  • Johns Hopkins University - Applied Physics Lab
  • NewsCrop
  • Port Authority of New York
  • Trillium Technical
  • Walt Disney Company

Why study cybersecurity?

In this program, you will apply your knowledge of computer science, cybersecurity and information assurance theories to analyze problems, assess trade-offs and develop creative solutions. Courses such as business information systems, computer programming, software development and web management will help you prepare for a variety of careers, even graduate school. At Messiah College, you will develop and defend an ethical code of conduct consistent with the Christian faith and formulated from a professional, ethical and legal understanding.

Practical Experience

During your time at Messiah, you will be encouraged to gain practical experience in off-campus settings. Through the Career and Professional Development Center, you will secure a cybersecurity internship to fulfill a requirement of the major. This practical experience, some of which are paid, provides you with opportunities to clarify career goals and enhance classroom learning.

After graduation

With organizations facing cyber threats in the expanding online community, the market is growing much faster than average for cybersecurity professionals. Professional and career opportunities for students completing this program include working as a security analyst, security auditor, security software developer, forensic computer analyst, information security analyst, security architect and more.


Students in the cybersecurity major program take a selection of courses that successfully prepare them for a career in a related field.
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