Internships are experiential learning options at Messiah University that are done for academic credit.  Each of these opportunities takes place within the context of a work environment.  The experience enables students to explore potential career opportunities and enrich their classroom experience.  All internships that are completed through the Career & Professional Development Center automatically fulfill a student’s Experiential Learning (ELI) requirement (*this only applies to students who matriculated to Messiah beginning in the fall of 2015). 

What are the Benefits?

Benefits of gaining an Internship



Why Should I do an Internship for Credit?

  1. Many sites require academic accountability so you are required to do the experience for credit
  2. Think about, and develop, personal and professional skills which will help you succeed in your career and lifelong learning
  3. Open doors to graduate school by having an internship recorded on your transcript
  4. Protect yourself legally under the college's liability policy
  5. Process opportunities and challenges through personal interaction with peers and faculty
  6. Develop a Web Portfolio, which highlights your self-directed learning ability - great for job and graduate school interviews!
  7. Internship Faculty Advisor is available to provide you with guidance, direction and help with resolving difficulties.

If you intend for this course to meet a major, minor or concentration requirement, it must be registered for a letter grade.  Final grades of P or F cannot be applied to meet major, minor or concentration requirements.

What are the Academic Credit Options

INTE 391 (Sophomore, Juniors, and Seniors)- Letter Graded or Pass/Fail
Credits Hours Per Semester Coursework
1 Credit Hours 40 Hours One In-Person Class Meeting; regular Online Work in Canvas
2 Credit Hours 80 Hours One In-Person Class Meeting; regular Online Work in Canvas
3 Credit Hours 120 Hours One In-Person Class Meeting; regular Online Work in Canvas
INTE 394 (Sophomore, Juniors, and Seniors)- Letter Graded
Credits Hours Per Semester Coursework
4 Credit Hours 160 Hours For all 394 credit hours there will be two in-person class meetings and regular online coursework in CANVAS
5 Credit Hours 200 Hours
6 Credit Hours 240 Hours
7 Credit Hours 280 Hours
8 Credit Hours 320 Hours
9 Credit Hours 360 Hours
10 Credit Hours 400 Hours
11 Credit Hours 440 Hours
12 Credit Hours 480 Hours

**Syllabi can be found in the FAQ

Some organizations have an established internship program. To find the information on these internships on an organizations website, look for sections called: Careers, Human Resources, Internships, or Contacts.

You may choose a company that is new to internships and you may be their first intern.  You may even suggest ways that an intern might benefit them.  The CPDC has a free helpful guide for employers - "Starting and Maintaining and Internship Program".


  • Family and Friends
    • Ask them to help you come up with the top 10  organizations in your geographic area
    • Research tells us that 60 - 80% of jobs are found through personal relationships
  • Messiah's Career and Professional Development Center Web Resources
    • Career and Professional Development Center - job and internship base, Handshake
    • Career and Professional Development Center Job Search Sites - Search List
  • Chambers of Commerce
    • Use Google or another Search Engine
    • Type in "Chamber of Commerce" for your area of choice. For example "Chamber of Commerce for Richmond, VA"
    • Follow the link and look for the online directory
    • Some Chambers will list members by categories such as accountants, engineering, etc
    • From there, follow the links to the specific organizations websites
    • Harrisburg Regional Chamber of Commerce (Member Directory)
    • Harrisburg Regional Chamber of Commerce (Job Postings)
  • Business Journal for Your Region
    • Use Google or another Search Engine
    • Type in "Business Journal" - for example "Business Journal for Minneapolis, Minnesota"
    • At the link, look for the Business Journal's "Toplist" or Book of Lists" Online
  • Non-Profit Organizations
    • Many links are listed on the>jobs>non-profit
    • Including, Accord Network,, Non-Profit Career Network, OneWorld jobs, etc
  • Websites of Companies You Have Already Identified
    • On the site look for links to Career Opportunities or Human Resources
    • Remember not all organizations keep their websites updated promptly so even if something is not listed or current, you should still inquire about opportunities
  • Local Resources


To participate in an internship, you must be:

  • academically proficient with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above (*If your GPA is lower than a 2.5 but you would like to be considered, please contact Joy Fea,
  • have achieved sophomore status, 24 credits
  • eager and willing to learn in an experience which combines work and an academic component
  • enrolled full-time in a degree program at Messiah University
  • supported by your academic department 
  • a trustworthy representative of Messiah University to the community

International Students

Students from outside the US may earn academic credit for a work/learning experience, also known as a Curricular Practical Training (CPT). This internship must be for credit to be eligible to work off campus. In addition, international students must not work more than 20 hours a week including any work-study positions. CPTs are not a guaranteed right and an application process must be completed. Each semester of an internship, even it is at the same location requires a new CPT to be filled out. 

Further information regarding any aspect of Immigration and how to request CPT approval can be found here.

International Internships are sites outside of your place of citizenship. 

If you are an international student returning home please see the above tab. All other students please read here.

International Internships must go through an separate approval process. If you have located an international internship you MUST schedule an appointment with Joy Fea to discuss your steps. These internships can take a MINIMUM of 3 months to approve.

There are several parameters that will be required:

  1. You must provide the name of someone our office can regularly have contact who will be supervising you. This person would help you create learning objectives, sign off on your work log, submit a midterm and final evaluation. That is why we need a contact and address.
  2. International Internships are different than internships in the states because they have to go through the approval process of the intercultural office. There is some paperwork and other things that need to be in place before you can be under the auspices of Messiah University overseas.
    • You will need to complete an Individual Student Request Form, as well as a Partner Organization Approval Form, and Partner Organization Considerations and Criteria form. All three can be found on this website
  3. The same course requirements for a domestic internship will apply. Please see our FAQ for sample syllabi.